FEY GUTER SCLAF Mattress Drive LX2000 H2

Drive LX
Drive LX 2000 is a multi-pocket (high-density) pocket spring mattress with 7 anatomical zones, ultra-sensitive and soft Hypersoft material, flexible latex that precisely adapts to the contours of the body, and an easy-care, washable cover.
The top layer of the mattress has 20 mm Hypersoft material that relaxes muscles and improves blood circulation.
The main comfort layer of 50 mm flexible latex coating that adapts smoothly and equalizes the pressure of the body.
7 anatomical zones with multi-plate springs
25 mm Comfortplus polyurethane foam layers that reinforce the core.
The mattress is double-sided, with Hypersoft and latex layers on the main side.

White Lyocell® multi-layer outer mattress cover fabric with the highest hygiene standards.
On the upper sleeping side with an additional 20 mm of Hypersoft for softness, on the sides with fluffy and breathable fibers for breathability, on the lower part with non-slip and traction-enhancing fabric.
The cover is easily removable and can be divided into separate parts, the upper part of the cover is recommended to be washed at a temperature of 40°C, the sides and the lower part can be washed at 60°.
The mattress meets the OEKO-TEX® standard and is suitable for allergy sufferers.
Mattress hardness - H2 (medium hard).
5-year warranty for the mattress core (the inner part under the covers), 2-year warranty for the outer mattress cover.
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